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Importance of criminal background checks

When most people think of criminal background check, they think of background checks in reference to pre-employment screening only. However, in reality, the scope of criminal background checks is not limited to pre hiring levels but extends further. While it plays a significant role in the pre -employment stages, it plays an equally important role…… Continue reading Importance of criminal background checks

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Verifying candidate claims by HR

Several companies follow a series of steps in the hiring process before finalizing a candidate in order to ensure they are making the right offer. As the economy rebounds, the HR teams gear up for an aggressive recruitment drive in 2016. A whopping 81% staffing leaders plan on increasing their placement budgets in addition to…… Continue reading Verifying candidate claims by HR

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Fraud Resumes on a rise

Discrepancies in past work experience and resume fraud, largely considered junior and mid-level occurrences are increasingly found at senior levels too. Lying about dates of work experience and highlighting short term diploma courses from premier institutes as primary qualification is far too common in today’s scenario. Such rising instances of resume frauds make it imperative…… Continue reading Fraud Resumes on a rise