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Importance of employee verification

A leading background verification firm states that nearly 50% resumes contain fudged information and owing to a lack of verification experts within the organization, most of these candidates land up with the jobs that they applied for. Many large organizations are not backed with skilled verification experts to carry out full employment verification procedures or criminal record checks.

It is shocking to learn about the reason that drives candidates to falsify information on their resumes. Some try to hide periods of unemployment, some try to mask substance abuse and a fair share tries to conceal criminal records. In fact, some are also driven to gain a competitive edge in the volatile economy and fierce job market.

The need for verifying employees becomes crucial especially while hiring fresher. IT firms that hire first time joiners in large numbers must verify their credentials thoroughly before hiring them. A lot of techies take up jobs by using fake experience certificates and get away from getting caught owing to weak employee verification measures in the organization.

Background verification is important since it disqualifies criminal offenders whose offenses occurred many years previously but who have since developed to be responsible, educated and qualified candidates for the position being considered for. Comprehensive verification report reveals specific grounds for qualification or disqualification that is in the best interest of the organization. If a certain position demands requisite skill set or a certain level of management expertise, candidates are tempted to exaggerate their previous employment. During interview stages, if a candidate’s disposition raises significant doubts, it is important to screen the profile thoroughly through internal or external verification teams to steer clear of a hiring decision.

It has been found that a large percentage of people find these background checks as a violation of their personal liberties. Organizations equally run the risk of offending senior executives by undertaking them. Therefore, such checks must be performed in a uniform manner, failing to adhere to which, may lead to lawsuits including discrimination charges.

Efficient background checks in hiring procedures can protect the company against future litigation issues, safeguard company’s assets and public relationships and create a secure and employee friendly work environment. Although expensive and time consuming, it is only vital that external agencies are hired to conduct detailed verification procedures before hiring candidates.

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Employee history verification procedures should be able to detect any false dates of employment provided, exaggerated positions or responsibilities held in previous employment responsibilities, possibilities of fictitious employer details and criminal history if any. Hence, it is important that background verification process covers all aspects to avoid negligent hiring since failing to carry out effective verification is regarded as employment negligence from the HR standpoint.


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