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Checking criminal profile before committing to marriage

Pre-matrimonial verification is critical and has become important for every family today. Owing to the recent spate of issues pertaining to domestic incoherence, it is imperative that families conduct a background check of both partners before committing to marriage. Since every individual has a right to access information and facts about their partners before marriage, it is easier to perform these checks. Although Indian families mostly agree that destiny plays a key role in setting up marriages, prudent parents do not risk their chances of getting their children trapped in erroneous relationships.

Decision making is a crucial task for individuals and families and thus in-depth verification and investigations are conducted before the D-Day. It is not uncommon to manipulate few facts in India especially during arranged marriages. It is often found that improper verification of brides and grooms leads them into unhappy marriages that are shattering. According to RTI records, the number of requests seeking information about the criminal past of prospective grooms has risen dramatically in the past few years. Since the family of prospective grooms intend to hide facts that places him on the other side of law, thus, prospective brides have begun to approach RTI to check the criminal history of their husbands. It is important to rule out criminal convictions of grooms for things such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse or drug trafficking before getting married.

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Since most criminal records are public records, thus, access to information is possible. It allows you to access marriage and divorce records too. These records can be obtained from the local government office or state where the criminal activity has been committed. However, there is a flip side to the process especially for juvenile criminals. In most states, crime records of juveniles who’ve been convicted of crimes are sealed till they reach the age of majority. Once they turn 18, these records are expunged from the public record. This may not allow you to gain information about your partner if he had criminal problems as a youth.

While approaching background search agencies is a time consuming and expensive affair, verification mobile applications have been launched that provides authentication services such as social media profile, credit score and criminal history of an individual. It is an extremely effective and an inexpensive method to verify an individual. These services make it easier to track social movement and evaluate other personality traits of individuals. Marriage, unarguably, is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. Hence, it is extremely important to perform a comprehensive verification process before committing to a marriage.


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