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Tracking Maids can be cumbersome

In a recent incident in an upscale society in Gurgaon, a resident took to an enterprising Facebook group to share her experiences of hiring a maid who suddenly absconded within 6-8 months of working at her place. Despite attempts to track her, she was unable to find her. Suspecting the maid of ill intentions, she soon discovered that many expensive things in the house were missing. After a close watch for a couple of days, the owner along with the help of security guards, caught her in the society working in a different house. The maid had a valid identity proof in the form of Aadhaar Card and did not mind sharing it.

While the consequences she had to face is still unknown, the owner clearly posted it on Facebook with an intent to caution the 5000+ strong member base about the intentions of the maid and suggest not hiring her for housework. Well, a lot of us certainly thanked her for her pro-active response although I wish it had reached a wider base.

The point here is not to undermine the importance of a powerful medium such as Facebook or other online groups but analyse intent at a deeper level that is largely associated with the safety of our well -being. Such incidents are extremely frequent today in urban cities that invariably comprise of a working couple with/without kids. Since our dependence on the migrant community that is hired as maids, drivers and other service professionals is extremely high, thus, it brings in an element of risk along with it. Although there are identity proofs shared by this community such as Aadhaar, PAN cards or voter IDs that promptly verifies their identities but questions particularly related to their background remains unanswered. Unless a considerable time is spent assessing their behaviour, attitude and other personality traits, it is impossible to rate their integrity.

While online forums currently appear as one of the best means of sharing meaningful information on closed groups, it is equally important to translate the unfortunate experience into action. Sharing information is one thing and taking a step ahead ensuring she gets caught or at least unable to find such jobs further brings it to a concrete closure. The counterargument can certainly emphasize on police verification that is mandatory in most cities, however, like the discussed case and several other is the past suggests that the miscreants were verified by the police, yet they succeeded in their ploy to loot assets from their workplace.

Mobile verification apps could be an answer in these cases that categorically focus on background verification service. It is a powerful tool to battle this phenomenon. Searches on this platform are not limited to a city or region but pans across the country. It deftly performs online identity verification based on the Aadhaar profile. In addition, it also provides criminal verification that authenticates criminal history of individuals through the mobile application.

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They have integrated a private assimilation of e-court records across India into the application. While the identity verification provides outcomes such as Match/Unmatched profile details, the criminal verification provides details of any FIR that has been lodged against an individual in any jurisdiction. While the robust application provides other services such as providing a social score and credit score, the above services are extremely handy for house owners to perform a quick check on their smartphones to make an informed decision.

The above incident is a classic case that fits this scenario. Since the verification apps enable the users to rate and review service professionals, a bad review certainly limits the scope of criminals to expand their network in other cities too. In this case, if the owner had rated the maid negatively, she would have faced severe challenges securing her next job. In fact, it would have helped the police to nab her too since the next employer could have alerted the police teams once she approached them for work.

These are additional measures that only ensure your safety and security. The features of these mobile apps certainly induce a fair amount of fear in the criminal minds and reassures users about their transactions.


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