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Statistics on how Social Media helps in Job Search

We have discussed on the significance of Social Media in the HR circuit in our earlier blogs. Well, it is interesting to note that statistics suggests, nearly 1/2 of all the job seekers are active on social media throughout the day while 1/3rd of all employers utilize these sites to search suitable profiles. In our earlier articles, we have emphasized on the importance of maintaining a decent social media profile such that it is worth considering for employers. In fact, organizations also need to guard their official pages since it provides useful information and feeds about job opportunities instantaneously among other things.

Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ allow employers to get a fair understanding of a job seeker outside the confines of his resume, it is equally popular in establishing professional connect with former and current employers and colleagues.

Lee Hecht Harrison, career transition and talent development firm, conducted an online poll for hundreds of prospective job seekers to comprehend how active they are on social networking sites. The outcome data shared is certainly interesting that suggests:

  1. 48% said they were active throughout the day on social media
  2. 19% said they logged in thrice per week
  3. 22% said they used social networking sites 1 – 3 times a month
  4. 11% agreed that they do not use social networking websites at all.

Alternately, another survey was conducted by leading job portal Career Builder that asked nearly 2300 human resource professional and recruitment managers to understand if, why and how they incorporate social media into their hiring process.

They found that 37% employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates. This essentially means that 2 out of every 5th company browse an applicant’s social media profile to evaluate their character and personality before selecting them. It indicates that most of the HR managers base their hiring decisions on what they find. Thus, it is crucial to understand the increasing importance of social media in recruitment drives.

It is exciting to see the level of online engagement in the professional world globally that reiterates the fact that job seekers must spend a lot of time on developing a strong social media profile. While it is not the only strategy, it’s becoming extremely important. Checking social scores is an effective and an inexpensive method to verify an individual. Verification mobile applications provide a host of authentication services that makes it easier to track social movement and evaluate other personality traits of individuals.


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