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Tips to effectively manage maids

Managing maids is a bigger challenge in urban families today than managing a career. It is often harder to keep up with the household management than coping up with stress at work. Cringe and cry we must but eventually we tend to give in to the erratic demands of our maids such that sanity prevails.

Here are some tips to help you manage them better and cope up with the maid situation:

  1. Clearly set expectations – You may not begin to like it but maintain respect right from the time you hired her. Set boundaries and expectations clearly such that there is a reduced tendency for the maids to take you for granted. Discuss the salaries and other expenses at the outset so that nothing is left to chance. Also decide on the number of holidays she can take in a month.
  2. Prioritize your issues – Your maid may arrive with a set of qualities that you may dislike. Choose your battle carefully. Endless conversations on mobile while at work may trigger the annoyance factor in you but a responsible and respectful attitude may not be easy to get. Whereas, hygiene issues are a strict no and must be cautioned against.
  3. Being respectful – A bad day at work or stretched hours on a busy road doesn’t give you a reason to hurl abuses at your maid. At any point, do not lash out at her since it is adversely going to impact your relationship with her.
  4. Resolve conflicts – Try to talk and sort if there is anything troubling you and you would like to address it. Similarly, provide ample space to your maid such that she can easily approach you and talk about issues that are troubling her.
  5. Appreciate – When you frequently appreciate her for the right things that she does, it will only enhance her skill and keep her motivated. Compliment her of being thoughtful towards you and your family. This will raise her self-esteem and maintain positivity in the house.
  6. Perk her up – Little things such as buying a box of sweets for her kids or knick knacks from a vacation will bring more smiles than sneer. Diwali gifts and occasional tips over and above her salary will create a sense of belonging and appreciation.
  7. Patience is a virtue – Give simple instructions that can be followed easily. In case your maid is unable to cope up with your expectations, learn to deal with it patiently. Eventually, she will.
  8. Do not let multiple servants at the same time – It is advisable that you do not let too many servants in your house at the same time especially in your absence. You never know when you get someone with harmful intentions.
  9. Conduct proper background verification before hiring one – It is imperative that you insist on a proper police verification before hiring a maid. In addition, obtain a copy of her valid identity such as Aadhaar ID or voter card. Alternately, verify them on mobile verification apps for assurance and trust.

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There could be several situations when the above tips may not work as desired, but, it is important to deal with it carefully, patiently and responsibly such that it doesn’t leave either you or her disgruntled.


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