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Watch your Words on Social Media

The Facebook obsession is here to stay and there’s no denying the fact that it is indeed a great way to stay connected with people you may not see every day. The permanent “over-exposure” it provides to millions of people’s private movements, snaps and feelings constitute a potentially explosive space that can blast any time.

The bright side of the social media fever is that it is a powerful social interaction tool while allowing a host of commercial uses that seemed unimaginable until a few years ago. And the risky part being, privacy intrusion and personality assessment through social media posts and pictures. It may seem unrealistic but one of the most common ways that employers assess a candidate today is to sneak into his FB profile, check his posts, comments and interests attempting to evaluate his potential personality.

While many would object since a candidate fitment for a position in an organization cannot be determined by his social media posts and pictures, the reality is that the social networking websites talk a lot about someone’s personality, interests and disposition in general.

Imagine a situation where consistently using vulgar language and bad mouthing on social media could suggest behavioral issues such as immaturity and inability to resolve conflicts amicably. Similarly, endorsing grapevine about the private affairs of other people is a sign of spreading rumors and gossip that could impact their ability to function in a role that demands confidentiality.

Well, candidate spying is not the only use of social media by employers. They also use the medium to post job offers on their Facebook pages among other methods to attract talent. If you’re interested in a particular position at a leading travel company in your location, it would be good to follow their FB page for related posts and apply.

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The professional social network LinkedIn is an equally powerful tool for a candidate actively seeking new assignments. It is focused on the professional strengths of an individual rather than personal life. Potential candidates for middle or senior levels are often verified on LinkedIn to assess their education credentials and past work experiences.

As employers are increasingly viewing social media pages to evaluate if candidates are worthy of hiring, it is advised to be careful about what you post online. However, that shouldn’t deter you from exploiting the advantages of the social media opportunities in your quest to find a suitable position.

Employers are making hiring decisions based on data points available at their fingertips to evaluate a prospective hire. The new wave of technology enables enterprises to access online data and use a social media score of a candidate before appointing him.Verification apps have also made it simpler for employers to perform a quick check on the prospective hires at the initial screening stages to avoid bad hires.


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