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Essentials to be checked before hiring Cleaning Service Agencies

“Hire a Maid, Plumber or Book a carpenter at the click of a button”

We often come across such ads and similar ones on social networks and little posters around the city. Instantly booking maids and cleaners who promise to provide a facelift to your home is a recent craze in the metropolitan cities today. Most of the cleaning agencies promise verified service professionals at the convenience of booking their services on a mobile app. Since both partners usually have busy routines, therefore, propositions as these seem extremely favourable to ensure good health and cleanliness for the family.

However, there is an underlying question that always seems to follow – isn’t it risky to hire a cleaning service agency without any credentials and let them in your house? While it can be argued that maids are no better and are equally potential threats to our homes. Well, the counter argument being that we have always depended on an unstructured set-up of maids traditionally and hire them on their goodwill and neighbourhood references that perfectly serves as non-physical credential resources.

True to the above though, you cannot take any risks when it comes to home cleaning.

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There are various ways to choose a professional service before you consider them for home cleaning:

1. Check with your colleagues, friends or neighbours whether they have employed any and their experiences.
2. Check for suitable agencies on social groups that usually have a larger audience to suggest.

But, some of the best ways in which you can choose a company is to read online reviews of quick cleaning agencies in your city before deciding on hiring one. This is critical owing to the following reasons:

1. Since it is important to trust someone with your home and valuables when they come to clean your home, reading their testimonials can help you understand whether they provide professional services. As potential users of such services, it is a good idea to look up on the internet for recommendations.

2. Testimonials are a good way of evaluating a company – The services of a company can be rated as professional or otherwise by closely following the set of testimonials. The positive ones can help you form an opinion about the company’s focus on quality, service and verified manpower by comparing them to the negatives.

Though all of them claim tall of employing verified professionals, you can never be too sure. While it is important that the cleaning professionals do a fantastic job of leaving a spotless home for you, it is far more vital that they are safe to be let in.
They may carry valid photo identity proof but does it supplement as a valid credential for employment too?
Yes, with this thought in mind, a group of professionals created TRUSTID, a mobile app that helps you verify anyone like maids, cooks, cleaners, drivers, tutors and a host of other quick service professionals by using their Aadhaar ID in less than 1 minute and make them a part of your TRUSTID community. Each time this verified contact seeks his/her next assignment, TrustID can help you track their ratings shared by previous employers.


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