Background Verification Services

What does Complete Background Verification mean?

In a growing economy like ours, organizations are often seen in a mad haste to hire in large numbers. Thin timelines, stringent costs and pressure to perform often tempt recruiters to go easy on background verification and checks.

A large number of candidates also resort to fake document submission since proper verification is not carried out before hiring. It is also supplemented by the fact that there are nearly 7500 agencies that operate across the country for providing fake educational and employment documents.

In fact, the same holds true for an urban household in the upscale cities of India. With both partners working, it leaves them with little time for identity verification before hiring quick service professionals such as maids, cooks and drivers.  While most of them do not bother to check their valid identities, some of the residential condominiums have made it mandatory for the maids, cooks and drivers to submit copies of their Aadhaar card or Voter ID cards.

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For any growing organization, it is imperative to hire the right talent. However, in order to avert fraudulent practices related to hiring, companies have become cautious and conduct an employee screening procedure before finalizing a candidate. Many organizations engage professional complete background verification companies at the pre-employment & employment stage. This includes services such as employment history check, Global database check, drug use test, identity verification, education verification, address verification, criminal record verification among other services.

Verification companies suggests that IT & ITES companies, banking, financial services and FMCG sectors are way ahead in background checks than other sectors such as Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Travel, Education and Entertainment. Senior human resource professionals consider the background check processes as an investment that safeguard organizational assets, promoting safety at workplace and reducing turnover owing to right hiring.

Most of the companies want to do away with the complete background verification process since it is difficult and cumbersome; however, the sudden rise in white collar crimes reiterates that companies must go the extra mile and conduct thorough background checks on prospective employees.

Advantages of Background check

  1. Minimizes the liability of a candidate once on board.
  2. Achieves operational excellence.
  3. Establishes the company in the league of companies that follows best industry practices.
  4. Creates a set of world class professionals who are driven and committed.

In addition to employment verification, the verification companies also provide vendor screening, credential verification and educational verification. There are new apps in the digital space to verify domestic helps, service professionals and employees using Aadhaar card number.


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