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Fraud Resumes on a rise

Discrepancies in past work experience and resume fraud, largely considered junior and mid-level occurrences are increasingly found at senior levels too. Lying about dates of work experience and highlighting short term diploma courses from premier institutes as primary qualification is far too common in today’s scenario. Such rising instances of resume frauds make it imperative for companies to perform employee verification to prevent bad hires.

Resume frauds have been limited to misinterpretations about qualifications and job experience earlier although recent trends suggest that people often produce false certificates on company letter heads including salary certificates and bonuses earned during that period. Job seekers are not only enhancing education credentials; they are also fudging details about employment histories, specialized licenses and job references.

The estimates representing resume fraud are disappointing. One such survey statistics suggests the following outcomes:

1. As many as 80% of all job seekers submit applications that contain intentionally misleading information.
2. This involves work experience, criminal history, past salaries that are inflated and misleading education credentials.
3. It is not limited to lower and middle level positions.

One of the leading background screening firms while checking an Indian CEO employed for the past 6 months revealed that there were serious discrepancies in his credentials. The CEO claimed to have graduated from IIM-Ahmedabad and IIT (BHU), but his colleagues felt that he lacked managerial abilities and command over English language expected from somebody of his pedigree.
The screening company found that the CEO had presented seven different resumes in his previous stints and on various portals. And he had not graduated from the two premier institutes he mentioned in his resume.

Enterprises have mentioned that they have their own checks and balances to keep suspicious candidates out. Others said that most hiring at the senior level in the firm happens through reference, and only after in-depth interviews and antecedent verifications.

It is therefore important to question the applicant in detail about prior employment. The applicant should be questioned about specific job duties, supervisor’s name and the reason for employment gaps or a succession of short-term jobs. Prior employers should be contacted directly and asked to verify employment.

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With regard to verification of education/training, verify degrees and attendance by requesting the job applicant’s transcript. Verify licenses with the issuing state agency where applicable. Where appropriate, conduct criminal background and civil record searches when filling safety sensitive jobs and positions of trust. Take the time to get to know the people you hire. In hiring decisions, like business, not doing your homework can be costly.
In addition to employment verification, the verification companies also provide vendor screening, credential verification and educational verification. There are new apps in the digital space to verify service professionals and employees using their Aadhaar card number.


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