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The world of Enterprising Women – Impact of Online Marketplace

The successful and enterprising stories quite strongly endorses the fact that social media is a great tool of Internet Marketing. Be it an individual, a big company or a small firm, the power of Social Media Engagement is influenced completely to build meaningful relationships with the end user.

The power of social media marketing has successfully transformed many a dreams into reality. The testimony to this fact is that the growing number of women who have taken to social media platforms to showcase their products and services.

Technology has enabled these indigenous entrepreneurs to successfully attempt at raising business ventures that seemed impossible without compromising on family commitments until a few years ago.

Talk about jewelry designers, home bakers, garment designers or home chefs are some of the categories where women have simplified the way business is done especially from the cocoons of their homes. Mostly mothers, all these women at some point have been part of the corporate madness. However, few took the plunge into entrepreneurship and decided to explore it all.

Today, most of them agree that sourcing, manufacturing and delivering to the end customer is just a click away. While a large number uses Facebook pages to showcase their works of art and network with prospective buyers, Whatsapp is used widely to place orders and complete a sale process.

A renowned home baker professional admits that the journey may seem like a breeze but there are serious challenges that one must successfully vanquish in order to sustain in this game of entrepreneurship. Having worked for a premium brand, she realizes that opting for a self-employment mode supports her passion for baking while being around with her family. Nevertheless, there is a serious threat to such a set-up from other home-bakers and professional bakeries in the city.

Why social platforms are important for women entrepreneurs?

Unlike traditional business settings, the online landscape provides a completely new way to break through stereotypes, network with a larger audience and service them while building a purposeful company.

Such a platform is extremely encouraging for women since it defies the traditional techniques of doing business and relies heavily on technology to create a position of difference. Apart from being a highly engaging medium, Social media platforms has the excellent ability to connect at a personal level with its users. This is another aspect that is wonderfully influenced by women entrepreneurs since they are natural story tellers. They often record success in their ventures initially by sharing their signature story while marketing their brands.

As long as women entrepreneurs deal in women centric products and services, they have an edge since their social media pages evoke certain emotions that truly connect with their target audience. Facebook groups are one of the ways to build a powerful connect with the audience.

Ask them about the threats in the profession and the list seems endless. Since every step of the business requires interacting with new people in the chain, there are associated risks too. However, our techno-freak women entrepreneurs depend upon snazzy and cool apps that help them verify various contacts in less than 1 minute before beginning a commercial association.


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