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Risky Robberies in Gurgaon

Recently, a popular Facebook forum built significant attention and engagement about a gang of practiced robbers who were stealing jewelry and cash worth Rs. 5 crore in Gurgaon.

A nine month chase finally came to an end when 21 residents took to the power of social media to share CCTV footages and photos of the gang members.

Posing as domestic helps, the members of the gang gained entry in teams of two and robbed residents on the first day of the employment. Pretending to be poor, the women would seek employment from families. If the family agreed, one of the women would engage the members in a chatty conversation while the other would enter all rooms on the pretext of cleaning them.

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Even before the employer realized, they would flee the scene looting valuables and cash. 40 cases have been registered against them in Delhi NCR.
One of the residents of an upscale Gurgaon area had stored snapshots of the gang members, their Aadhaar IDs and other documents that proved a major headway in helping the police to nab them. Victims allege that the police should have been more active in their search process since they had information and footages available.

Such stray incidents are on a surge and occur all the time. While some get reported, others go unnoticed. Since, there is a lack of a verification mechanism to authenticate, track and rate the day-to-day local service providers like maids and drivers, such cases are on a rise.
In today’s age, we usually hire service providers such as maids, cooks, drivers, gardeners, security guards etc. either by intuition or through references from friends and family.

Since our lives are largely dependent on their services, we often overlook the importance of thoroughly verifying their background.

With this thought, a bunch of people created TRUSTID, a mobile app that helps you verify anyone like maids, cooks, drivers, tutors and a host of other quick service professionals by using their Aadhaar ID in less than 1 minute and make them a part of your TRUSTID community. Each time this verified contact seeks his/her next assignment, TrustID can help you track their ratings shared by previous employers.

Such incidents can be avoided to a large extent if applications such as TrustID are used to check service professionals before hiring them. TrustID provides the platform to ensure that people you deal with are verified rather than blindly trusting them. In other words, TrustID gives you the power to trust individuals you interact with, regularly.


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