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Tips to consider before hiring a Tutor

Hiring a tutor for your child is an essential and critical exercise that needs serious evaluation before finalizing one. More often than not, when children are struggling with academics in school, parents opt for hiring private tutors either independent or part of a larger community program.

A private tutor can simplify complex processes and concepts to the child, assist with exam preparation, guide and mentor the child through career choices too. Tutors are believed to have a unique ability to interact with a student at a holistic level working together in order to attain goals and benchmarks of success.

In addition to delivering content, experienced tutors also coach, challenge, motivate and provide feedback to the students. Teaching is considered a noble profession across the world that aims at elevating a child’s learning process by imparting knowledge and wisdom.

Thus, following factors must be considered while shortlisting teachers for your child:

1. Credentials – Do not stop from asking for relevant credential certificates as proof of education and work experience.
2. Letters of recommendation – With the onset of online forums, it is easier to follow the trajectory of prospective tutors to verify them.
3. Insist on a trial class – A trial class will certainly set the pace with the child and help you understand if the teacher has the ability to orient according to the understanding levels of the child. It will also demonstrate his personality techniques of teaching.
4. Subject expert – Always assess the teacher on his knowledge of the subject in addition to other factors such as ability to impart lessons effectively.
5. Maturity and patience – Children have a delicate psyche, thus, managing their expectations requires maturity and patience. Look for these features in a tutor.
6. Motivator – On a broader level, a tutor must be someone who is a positive influence on the child, challenges him to do better and constantly motivate such that the student grows into a confident individual.
7. Ask for a valid identification proof – Despite the best qualities demonstrated by a tutor, one mustn’t trust blindly. It is important to retain a copy of a valid identity proof such as Aadhaar card, PAN card or passport copy.

Owing to background verification apps that help to verify tutors, drivers, maids etc. by using their Aadhaar ID in seconds, these documents can come in handy.

And finally, parents must trust their instinct before appointing an independent tutor for their child. Post hire, if you ever receive internal warning signals, reconsider your decision since parents and students must feel comfortable in a tutorial relationship.


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