Safety Tips

Stranger Danger

We have been repeatedly told how gruesome and evil the outside world is, how scary it could be to trust a stranger, how danger is always lurking around and waiting to pounce. Each day newspapers are inundated with horrid stories of abduction and abusive practices that is far from being believable.
Children, for the most part, are clearly taught the concept of strangers in schools and homes from an early age. Parents worry about letting their children out of their sight, possibly protect them from danger at all times and consciously work around addressing the child’s fears and concern. While children love to revel in the company of their loved ones, their innocent minds are always trusting and unable to evaluate danger.
While the objective is not to fill up children with trepidation but create smart and vocal kids who can clearly raise their voices against abusive practices. There are tips that must be shared with children such that safety comes in handy for adults and kids.
In the wake of dreadful and shocking incidents in Delhi, the Delhi Police recently released a set of safety guidelines for parents and children.

Guidelines for Parents to ensure Child safety
Must do’s
1. Accompany the child when she is going out
2. School bag must bear, name & address of parents
3. Child should remember their residence phone no.
4. Take child along with you when you go to market.
5. Raise hue & cry on child forcibly taken by stranger.

Must don’ts
1. Minor girls should not be left in custody of neighbours or relatives.
2. Address and telephone No’s should never be shared with strangers.
3. Child should not disclose on telephone of being alone at house.
4. Child should not be sent alone to Cinema, halls, park or market.
5. Child should not take eatables from strangers.

Security guidelines for Stay-at-home individuals
1. Be alert and vigilant about strangers
2. Put a magic eye and a chain on the door
3. Keep a pet dog, if possible.
4. Verify the identity and particulars of plumbers, electricians, postman, painter, domestic helps etc.
5. Watchman/Chowkidar should be provided with a torch, a whistle and
wooden stick He should be advised to remain in touch with local police
6. While going out, always switch-on a light.
7. Important telephone numbers should be kept in a convenient place
8. Connect your house to neighbour’s house with an alarm bell.
9. All windows and doors should have strong grills. Care should be taken to
secure the spaces for air-conditioners and coolers.

1. Don’t talk to strangers and never believe in them
2. Don’t take lift from unknown persons.
3. Don’t hesitate to shout/ scream on being harassed.
4. Don’t accept gift from strangers
5. Don’t go to any friend’s house without informing parents.


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