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Why should we always verify our domestic helps?

A notable surge in crime rates ranging from burglaries, robberies, invading homes and murkier events such as rape and murder, in the recent times explains the urgent need for verifying our domestic helps. Identity verification and thorough background checks are the need of the hour in urban India today. While a host of options are available to hire household helps in India, seldom do we come across agencies that fulfill requirements of a complete background check.
Tips to consider when Hiring Domestic Help:
1. Submit the police verification form at the nearest police station.
2. Past employment verification is a must. Speak to the previous employer for a quick background check.
3. Retain a copy of a valid identification proof such as Aadhaar Card, VoterID card or any other relevant document.
4. Retain a copy of the recent photograph of the domestic help.
5. Retain records of the current and permanent address documents.
In the past few decades, our capital city has seen several incidents of criminals masking under the identities of servants and domestic staff. The local news circles share horrid instances where the driver along with an accomplice robbed the house or the cook drugged away the lady through sedatives in her meal and many more. Thus, hiring domestic staff must follow a meticulous and a thorough process to prevent such incidents.
Hiring Maids the right way
While the police investigate such crime scenes with utmost precision and meticulousness, the primary onus of domestic staff verification lies with the owner. Such events can be prevented if the employer registers all the relevant details and performs a background verification process.
Why is background verification important?
It is a preventive measure to reduce the risk of bad hires that could adversely affect you and your family. Since domestic staff is hired mostly based on references, you can never be too sure! Thus, it is always better to build your trust levels on local service professionals you interact every day after performing a background check.
Your identity verification app – TrustID
Since our lives largely revolve around service providers such as maids, cooks, drivers, gardeners, security guards etc., we often overlook the importance of thoroughly verifying their background.
TrustID is an app that certainly helps you verify them and ease in effective decision making.
TrustID provides the platform to ensure that people we deal with are verified rather than blindly trusting them. In other words, TrustID gives us the power to trust individuals we interact with, regularly. It aims to effectively utilize the power of Aadhaar for identity verification and background check of an individual. This unique service proposition is introduced by Swabhimaanya – an Authentication User Agency (AUA) in association with UIDAI.

Aadhaar based identity checks

With over 94 crore Aadhaar card holders in the country and growing, TrustID follows consensual verification in real-time from the Aadhaar database. The easy and simple-to-use mobile application requires basic details such as Aadhaar ID, Name, Gender and phone number. Once these details are entered, TrustID sends these details (encrypted) to Aadhaar database and matches them instantly to provide a matched / not matched outcome.
For those who do not have an Aadhaar ID, TrustID registers them on their database based on their Name, Gender, Phone number, an optional ID and photo. These verified contacts get added to their TrustID community.
Advantages of the Identity verification app

1. It enables the end user to perform Aadhaar based ID verification in situations such as hiring maids, drivers, cab drivers and many other day-to-day service transactions undertaken by them.
2. Apart from background check, the verified person gets added to the user TrustID community.
3. The app also enables directly calling the members of the TrustID community. The end user can also share details of the verified contacts through WhatsApp / SMS etc.
4. Specific service experiences can also be rated and reviewed by the end user too. The TrustID Community is a database of TrustID verified service professionals.

Users can simply use the search box on TrustID Community page to search for service professionals by category like maid, driver, carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc. They receive a list of service professionals, already verified by other TrustID users like them. Users can review their ratings to assess their service experience and simply add them to their TrustID Community in order to call them.

They can also share details of any member of your TrustID Community with friends/family over WhatsApp/SMS from TrustID.
It is currently available on Google Play store only. It will be shortly available for iOS users as well.
In order to secure your service transactions, TrustID is the way to go!


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