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Claiming quick Background Checks

The UBER incident in Delhi recently saw many people shouting out their lungs insisting that such taxi-centric apps must be banned. However, do you feel that this incident could have been avoided had the taxi not been booked through an app? It is not unusual for women to feel unsafe or question the security mechanism after such incidents. Although detailed verification, identity authentication and court record checks are mandatorily carried out by background verification firms but it doesn’t guarantee consumer safety.

A slew of background verification companies claim to reduce the turnaround time for identification checks in addition to continuous monitoring of addresses and reviewing court records, none of them come in handy to the passenger when they board a cab or an auto.

These on-demand services such as beauty services on the higher end of the spectrum to electrical and plumbing on the lower end of the spectrum, require a fool proof mechanism such that they can be verified before hiring.

Several application firms have designed and introduced identity verification solutions that claim to perform online and physical verification checks in less than 24 hours. However, its effectiveness on ground is best measured when the end user gets to experience its outcome. There must be ways for instant verification of driver’s identity before hiring them. There is a need for an easy solution for the end user to be able to verify the background of cab drivers before boarding their cabs and autos. Of course, being attentive and alert at all times is most important.

In case of hiring an employee, background verification plays a vital role in the final stages of hire. Verifying past employment and conducting reference checks must be performed before approving a candidate. Employers also run credit checks for prospective employees for positions that may involve handling funds. Since they are organized and fool proof procedures, it often eliminates risks of wrong hires.

Background checks are also performed on household employees that include maids, drivers, babysitters etc. Valid identification documents are collected from them, verified personally or through references and approved once satisfied with their screening process. There are many apps that claim instant verification of service providers such that a verified and trusted community of quick service professionals can be created.

Application development businesses have turned smart phones and computers into an identity scanning device that enables quick ID verification. Financial services organizations largely seek assistance from identity authentication firms to verify customer identities. In some cases, firms also offer identity verification in a connected-device environment. In such instances, document authentication takes place seamlessly and customers are not inconvenienced during the process thereby maintaining the momentum.

While all these companies put in their best bet to evaluate profiles, verify them and approve, none of them eliminates risks of fraudulent practices completely. Though it certainly achieves success to a large extent in activating authentication mechanism to meet industry regulations, it certainly achieves the purpose of saving a lot of time and money to eliminate manual document handling.


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