Aadhar Based Verification

Aadhaar is the base of India’s ID verification system

Aadhaar was introduced for the citizens of India to provide a unique and single identification document. Since a large number of documents are required today for identification purposes, such as PAN cards, Passport, driving license and ration cards, Aadhaar card holds significant as a unique identity for an individual. It does not intend to replace the existing identification documents but can be used in several places where an identification proof is required.
Aadhaar is a 12 digit number that contains all the details of an individual. Individuals who reside in the country and fulfill all the requirements mentioned by UIDAI can enroll for their Aadhaar.
What are the benefits of an Aadhaar card?
1. One of the many advantages of an Aadhaar card is that the Aadhaar card holder can avail LPG subsidy directly into their bank accounts.
2. An Aadhaar card is deemed sufficient for opening an account under the Jan Dhan Yojana.
3. Another exciting benefit of an Aadhaar card is that the card holder can get their passport made in 7 days. In the previous criteria, police verification used to be one of the lengthy processes involved in the issuing a passport, however, in this procedure, police verification take place at a later stage.
4. In many cases, a new bank account can be opened with an Aadhaar card since it acts as an identification proof and address proof as well.
5. The govt. has introduced many plans and schemes that require an Aadhaar verification to enroll and avail the advantages.
With over 94 crore Aadhaar card holders in our country and growing, it effectively utilizes the power of Aadhaar for identity verification of an individual. Also the fact that most service professionals, who belong to the bottom of economic pyramid like our maids, drivers, cooks, carpenters, auto / cab drivers, etc have Aadhaar ID as a relevant ID document available with them, clearly establishes the fact that Aadhaar is the base of India’s identity verification system.
Facts you must know about Aadhaar card
1. It is not another card but a 12-digit unique identity for every Indian individual, including children and infants.
2. An Aadhaar card enables identification for every individual. Therefore, only one Aadhaar card per family is not enough.
3. An Aadhaar card provides universal identity that can be used as an identity authentication document. However, it does not replaces other documents such as Ration cards, passports etc.
4. It is a voluntary service that every Indian resident can avail though it is not mandatory to get one issued.
5. Any queries regarding Aadhaar authentication can be answered by UIDAI.
6. There is no fee involved in getting an Aadhaar card made.
7. One must remember that Aadhaar is only a proof of identity, not of citizenship.
With the passage of time, importance of Aadhaar card has greatly increased as compared to what it was meant for at the time of its inception. Since its uniqueness lies in linking the id to bio-metrics, thus, it prevents people from creating duplicate ids.
In the present scenario, Aadhaar verification has caught the frenzy of the urban societies. Since our lives are largely dependent on service providers such as maids, cooks, drivers, carpenters and other quick service professionals, background verification becomes important. Thus, urban households insist on Aadhaar card copies especially while hiring maids and drivers. This ensures that people they interact with daily are verified through a valid document instead of blindly trusting them.


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